I'm Dylan Renwick, aka GunnerWolf, Kaho, or SkidsDev, depending on who you ask.
I'm a professional programmer, amateur game developer, and hobbyist musician.
I also occasionally dabble in video game mods (Minecraft, Star Sector, Neverwinter Nights)
and language design (NuStack, Clam, LMBM, Sum-It).

My languages of choice are C#, Java and TypeScript, but I also like to use PHP, Python, JavaScript,
and the occasional touch of C/C++ and GLSL from time to time.
When I'm not working (read: goofing around) or producing music (read: goofing around) I like
to get experimental, pushing whatever tech I happen to feel like playing with, be it music
software or PHP, to it's absolute extremes. This results in weird things like freaky
experimental music and entire server monitoring and system updating daemons built in PHP.

If you're interested in any of this, check out the links in the sidebar.

If you want to contact me:
Email me at [email protected]
Tweet at me at @Kaho_nes
Or shoot me a discord message at Kaho#8557